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World Environment Day 2019: Celebrations at St Thomas Orthodox Church, Dublin

Fr. Anish John sent ECI this update: The youth members of the Parish led the World Environment Day celebrations after worship on 1st of June. The importance of caring for the environment and a talk on the theme of this year 'Air Pollution' by the United Nations was arranged. Parish Sunday school children were given […]

ECI Climate Justice Candle visits Cork Ecumenical Bible Week

Rev Geraldine Gracie from Cork Methodist Church sent ECI this report of the ECI Climate Justice Candle's visit to Cork Ecumenical Bible Week, 21-16 May 2019.  The theme was The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it. Ireland’s declaration on May 10th of a climate and biodiversity emergency, was only one of the many […]

Rev Trevor Sargent’s Ecological Notes for June 2019 – The Birth of John the Baptist, 24 June

Could John the Baptist be called a ‘minimalist’? What is minimalism? Minimalism is the intentional promotion of the things we most value and the removal of everything that distracts us from it. Richard Holloway, the former Anglican Bishop of Edinburgh said, “Simplicity, clarity, singleness: These are the attributes that give our lives power and vividness […]

Say No to Palm Oil by Fran Brady, EcoQuaker representative on the ECI committee

Say No to Palm Oil published in The Friendly Word, the bimonthly magazine published by Quakers in Ireland: Palm oil comes from the mesocarp of the palm fruit, grown on the African oil palm tree (Elaeis guineensis). In the mid-twentieth century Elaeis guineensis was introduced to Malaysia from Nigeria. Though palm oil trees now grow […]

Touch the Earth with Tenderness by Fran Brady, EcoQuaker representative on the ECI committee

Touch the Earth with Tenderness was published in The Friendly Word, the bimonthly magazine published by Quakers in Ireland: Sixty million people from sub-Saharan Africa are predicted to migrate by 2020 due to desertification caused by Climate Breakdown. Imagine fifteen times the population of Ireland forced to leave their homes because of Climate Change. The […]

Eco Tips from Killiskey Parish

Stephanie McDonald, a parishioner in Nun’s Cross Church, Killiskey Parish shared their latest Ecotips which are published in their monthly church announcements sheet. Eco Tips - Food There is so much conflicting advice about the food we should eat and where we should buy it. One thing is certain, both have changed dramatically in the […]

Irish Council of Churches – Climate Justice Affirmations

This year the Irish Council of Churches AGM took place in the Jethro Centre in Lurgan at the beginning of April. The keynote address was given by Professor John Barry, Professor of Green Political Economy at Queen’s University Belfast. Professor Barry shared insights into the very real issue of Climate Breakdown and how churches and […]

Moving Away from Fossil Fuels by Catherine Devitt

In the July issue of Sacred Heart Messenger magazine, Catherine Devitt shares her article Moving Away from Fossil Fuels where she highlights the moral obligation we have to quickly move away from fossil fuels to a low carbon economy. You can read here article here: Moving Away from Fossil Fuels.

Manorhamilton Church of Ireland to host talk on beekeeping for National Heritage Week

Manorhamilton Church of Ireland, Co. Leitrim will host an information evening on beekeeping research, bee health, education, and environmental issues as part of National Heritage Week. There will be advice, guidance and expert opinion for anyone considering beekeeping or just recently involved. The speaker is from Fermanagh Beekeeping Association (FBKA) and the event is open […]

No Time to Waste: A new report from Tearfund

Tearfund have launched a report, titled No Time to Waste, which you can read here. It highlights the human impact of waste around the world, offering some scary statistics and some aspirational asks, which could change the lives and outcomes of millions of people, as well as reducing the impact of waste on the environment. […]