Tuam Holy Wells Prayer Service 2019

Tuam Holy Wells Day 2Eco-Congregation Tuam Parish and members of The ‘Circle of Wells’ group organised a lovely Service of prayer and reflection at Abbey Trinity Holy Well in Tuam on Monday 24th June after 10am Mass.

It was deferred to then as the actual Holy Wells day clashed with Corpus Christi but it was felt it was important to keep the Service as close as possible to that date in June and the feast of St. John the Baptist seemed apt.

Representatives from various groups including Tuam Tidy Towns, residents of the Abbey Trinity Estates, children and their teacher from the Mercy Secondary School including a representative of Fridays for the Future Group and parishioners made up the gathering of around 70 people.

Fr. Pat Farragher Adm. introduced the Service and gave the background to the Holy Wells Day initiative.

He also outlined the stories of water in Scripture, it's uses and importance in life down through the ages including the serious attention the Church now gives the protection of Creation in Pope Francis's encyclical Laudato Si.

A short but informative history of the Abbey of the Holy Trinity and Well which dates back to the 13th.century was given by Jarlath Canney.

A speech on the importance of water internationally was given by Willi Kiefel from Tuam Eco-Congregation and followed up by a very powerful and moving speech by Mercy student Aine Fahy (Fridays for Future) on the urgency for action on climate change and other environmental issues which without immediate action are propelling us rapidly to a time when life on Earth will not be sustainable.

Readings and prayers of the Faithful were read by the Parish Liturgy Group.

Four students and their teacher from the Mercy College then took water from the well which was blessed and sprinkled on the assembled group.

A reflection on the sacredness of water (part of a poem by John O Donoghue) was read and Mary Lally recited the special ‘Loving Sister Earth ‘ Holy Well Day prayer.

On behalf of Eco-Congregation Tuam Anne Quinn thanked all for coming and brought attention to the displayed plaque awarded to Tuam from Eco-Congregation Ireland. She said that following Aine Fahys very moving speech from a young persons perspective it was imperative not to become smug at what we have achieved rather it must spur us on to do more.

Fr. Pat concluded the service which lasted 45 minutes but hopefully will linger in people's memory and influence our love and respect for water and our Common Home Mother Earth.