Update from St. Finbarre’s South Parish, Cork

St Finbarrs SouthMaria Young from St. Finbarre's South Parish, Cork Eco-Congregation sent ECI this update:

St Finbarre's South raised money for the victims of cyclone Idai in Malawi, the parishioners of South Parish, Cork were very generous and will be kept updated on the progress of a house building programme in Malawi that they contributed to.

Eco-Congregation South Parish completed their energy survey of Needham Place and have invited Conor O'Brien a mentor to Sustainable Energy Communities along with Solene Volmont, a local resident who recently retrofitted her house to give a joint public talk on saving energy in the home and what is involved in becoming an SEC.

Eco-Congregation South Parish continue to work in schools and will host a talk presented by Cork Nature Network on the Otters of Cork.

Finally the South Parish Eco-Congregation's effort to divert all household paper waste to a local depot is proving very successful. The paper is collected and taken to Ecocel who convert it into green insulation.