Update from Forest Friends Ireland

Peace forestJohn Haughton from Forest Friends Ireland sent ECI this update:

Forest Friends Ireland launched the Peace Forest Ireland project in 2014 in St. Columba's Park in Derry/Londonderry. This is a partnership project and groups and individuals are welcomed to be part of it.

Peace tree planting is used as a mechanism to bring communities together in the process. Since 2014 we have been planting peace trees in all the border counties north and south of the border. We would like to know what organisations and individuals would like to be part to our Forest Friends World Peace Tree Project which we hope to launch in a few month’s time.

The prototype we hope to use for the project is the Auroville World Peace Centre located in Tamil Nadu, South East India. I visited this amazing project a few years ago and thought why not have a like project in remembrance of all those who made sacrifices and in many cases the ultimate sacrifice of their lives. Please contact me if you wish to be part of the Forest Friends World Peace Tree Project.