Latest News from St Anne’s Parish, Shankill, Dublin

st annes shankillKathie Davey sent ECI this update:

Firstly, St Anne’s Parish Shankill has several members who are involved with SAGE (Shankill Action for a Green Earth), so some of the activities mentioned may come under both heads, ie, they are both a parish and village initiative.

In the Autumn, following the Maynooth meeting of Eco-Congregations, we drafted an application to Dun Laoighaire Rathdown Co. Council (DLRCoCo) for a grant to help develop part of St Anne’s grounds into a wildflower meadow to encourage bio-diversity and pollinators. At the moment we are still waiting to hear if this has been granted but if we get the go ahead it is hoped to start work shortly.

Christmas in the Village was observed with a stall promoting bee-friendly habitats – giving out free “bee hotels” and bird boxes. We also drew attention to the newly voiced message of the new minister, Richard Bruton, that a revolution was needed across all areas of life and government if we are to address the urgent question of climate change realistically.

We were recently surprised to find how few parishes have regular eco Prayers of the Faithful at Mass so here are a few helpful sites:

Franciscans for Ecology - Prayer of the Faithful

Praying Nature with St Francis of Assissi - Eco Prayers

The Value of Sparrows - A Weekly Cycle Of Prayers For The Earth

These can be edited to suit the need of the day!

We are also planning an evening recollection during lent which will be ecumenical and focussed on Climate Justice.