Stop Food Waste!

Stop Food Waste 2Stop Food Waste is a state-funded programme that encourages householders and communities to save money and help the environment by reducing food waste and also composting.  They offer resources to communities, including their website, a lot of printed materials, some food waste reduction tools, and most importantly the human touch.

They are available in the Republic of Ireland to do talks, workshops and courses where requested. These are free of charge for communities and cover food waste prevention, composting, or both.

One of their popular courses is the Stop Food Waste Challenge. This involves participants meeting once per week for 4 consecutive weeks, and working through simple and achievable ways of reducing their food waste and saving money. About 340,000 tonnes of food from households goes to waste every year in Ireland, and much of this is avoidable.  So too is the €700 per household that this food waste costs.

They also run the Master Composter training course, which trains participants to set up and run their own composting projects in their communities, with a view to turning waste into resource as well as educating their neighbours.

Browse their website and email if you would like to get in contact.