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Dear Eco-Congregation members,PPN graphic

Would you like to connect with more community groups who are working for positive change in your area?

My name is Catherine O'Toole writing from the Irish Environmental Network. I am spreading the news of a new community initiative called the Public Participation Network, or PPN for short.

I am searching for environmentally focused groups in Ireland. I would like to invite all Eco-Congregations to join!

There is a PPN in every county. It is completely free to join and there are many benefits for PPN members. If your group was to sign up, it would be you and your members who could get involved in all aspects of the PPN.

The main aim of the PPN is to provide community members the opportunity to have their voice heard in the local County Council. There is huge potential to create positive change by giving your input into motions and policies that are being created, and by putting forward your own motions and policies that are in your community's interest.

If your group were to sign up, you would also receive important information about what is happening in your county, such as events, funding opportunities and public consultations.

Community and SICAP funding are also allocated through the PPN.

Communication is a big part of the PPN. The PPN is a network of community and voluntary groups, and they can promote your events through this network, as well as help you communicate with other groups. Member groups have held great events with the help of the PPN, from collaborative workshops and environmental showcases, to expert submissions for public consultations, and the creation of public amenities such as orchards and tree trails.

This year, the PPNs are also beginning the creation of a Wellbeing Vision statement in each county. These statements are written by the community and encapsulates their hopes for the future of their county. It will then act as a guide for the local council in creating policies for the future, and to steer the work of the PPN. All PPN members will be asked to contribute to the statement. Your input would be greatly appreciated as we are hoping for a strong environmental voice.

I believe that the PPNs would be very beneficial to each Eco-Congregation in Ireland. It not only gives everyone involved the opportunity to have their say in local council decisions, but connects groups from all across the county to create a stronger community network.

If you would like to join your PPN, you can find a link to your county's PPN here. You can also contact me at or 01 878 0116. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Thank you for your time,
Looking forward to hearing from you,

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PPN case study - Creating change through the PPN: