Westport Eco-Congregation pays tribute to the late Fr Patrick Burke

Fr Patrick BurkeWestport Eco-Congregation wishes to honour, remember and pay tribute to the late Fr Patrick Burke, member of their committee. On Monday 26th June 2018, the news of his sudden death struck them all, the loss of one of their flock.

Fr Patrick Burke (38) had been a curate in Westport for two years. He was pivotal in their congregation achieving their Eco-Congregation Award in April and was celebrant at Sr. Catherine Brennan's presentation of the award to the churches in Westport.

Fr Charlie McDonnell spoke at a Funeral Mass for Fr Patrick on Wednesday last following his sudden death, after taking ill, earlier in the week.

'A true shepherd for the Care of our Common Home, God knows whose sheep he was minding. Well he minded no one’s sheep better than he minded the Lord’s sheep,' said Fr Charlie. In an emotional homily, he spoke of the strong faith Fr Patrick had and how he had ‘so many instruments in his ministry’ from ‘a pair of wellingtons out in the field, a sheep shearer, a paintbrush, and the best of all, porter cake. Patrick got into more homes with the smell of a porter cake.’

Patrick touched the lives of so many by his kindness, his goodness and his gentle unassuming manner. May he rest in peace.