Suaimhneas – A Place of Peace

SuaimhneasSuaimhneas is situated in Cappakeel, Emo, Co. Laois and is a non-residential centre, offering opportunities to explore Life’s Journey, in the context of New Cosmology, Ecology and the Universe Story. The centre is run by Sr Mai Finlay and Sr Ann Lynch, both of whom are members of the Sisters of Charity of Jesus and Mary.

At Suaimhneas they endeavour to live in a way that is respectful and mindful of our shared existence with all of creation. They facilitate weekly mindful meditation evenings with a focus of our interconnection and oneness with each other and all of creation, this awakens a sense of responsibility to “Act justly, love tenderly, and walk humbly in with your God”. Micah 6:8.

Since October 2018 the sisters have also run three very successful workshops called "Let Nothing Be Wasted", which has been inspired by Pope Frances encyclical, Laudate Si. In these workshops the participants were brought to awareness of the plastic problem in our environment and given practical and everyday advice and tips on how to shop and live more mindfully to reduce all waste especially single use plastics. They have already seen the trickledown effect of this as the sisters are hearing reports from local fish shops, butchers and supermarkets of people choosing to bring their own reusable containers over taking plastic bags from the shops.

This is an exciting and inspiring time for the community as they move forward with a new understanding of the evolving universe and our place in it and they hope to continue to share the journey with their community. More workshops are planned for the Autumn including a seven-week course on Eco Spirituality and they are also planning to get a Suaimhneas Zero Waste Community going that will meet monthly to chat, share and support each other in this urgent work.

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