Watch the EcoQuakers film!

EcoQuaker logoQuakers: The Spiritual Journey of Earthcare’ – a film by EcoQuakers Ireland – premiered during Ireland Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends at the Millennium Theatre, Limerick, on 19th July 2018.

The film features Friends from around Ireland talking about the spiritual challenges around sustainability, where they find joy in the sustainability journey and what their one wish for change in Ireland would be in relation to sustainability.  Friends were invited to send in short filmed pieces around three questions:

1  For you, what appear to be the main spiritual challenges around sustainability?

2  Where do you find joy in the journey with sustainability?

3  If you had one wish for change in Ireland, what would it be?

Many responses were received and Brian O’Suilleabhain edited them into the film entitled “Quakers: The Spiritual Journey of Earthcare” which is about 7 minutes long.

You can view this inspirational film on the Ireland Yearly Meeting's brand new You Tube channel here.

EcoQuakers Ireland is a committee of Ireland Yearly Meeting that supports Quaker Meetings in their efforts to live peacefully and sustainably. You can learn more about EcoQuakers here.