Salesian Cosmology Group Morning Conference – Plastic Pollution in our Oceans

Selesian 1Teresa Devine from the Selesian Cosmology Group sent ECI a report of this event:

The Selesian Cosmology Group organised a morning conference on April 14th on Plastic Pollution in our Oceans and the presenter was a marine scientist from the Marine Institute in Galway, Dr. Paul Connolly.  This spring event was well attended and most importantly those who did attend found the conference worthwhile and very informative.  We chose the Don Bosco Centre in Milford and as always proved to be a very good venue offering us space, light and a warm welcome from the community there.

There were many worrying statistics shared. The fact that 40% of plastics are found in packaging when we visit the supermarket doing the usual round of shopping.  On Saturday 21st ‘Friends of the Earth have invited everyone to leave the packaging behind with the supermarket after they might scan the items being purchased.   It would be wonderful if this were taken seriously and in no time there would be cSelesian 2hanges.

We were assured by Paul Connolly that the Marine Institute, being a semi-state body is independent, impartial and offers the best science research.  He explained that they keep an International Assessment based on the balance of the following in relation to the Ocean: Eco-development; Eco-Systems; Awareness.  We suggested that the Marine Institute be the ‘watch-dog’ for the present government in protecting our Oceans.