Killiskey Parish Eco Tips!

killiskeyAnne Newton, parishioner of Nun's Cross Church, Killiskey Parish, Ashford, Co Wicklow shares eco tips, published in their monthly church announcements sheet.  This month Anne encourages us to garden without chemicals and with kindness:

Anne writes: ‘Following the exceptionally cold, wet spring, many people are frantically trying to catch up in their gardens by tidying, sowing and planting – a useful short-cut is to visit a garden centre and buy some of the myriad flower and vegetable plants on display. However, you may well be greeted by an overwhelming array of pesticides and sprays, all full of chemicals and all with the express aim of killing plants or animals that are perceived to be pests. Think carefully if they really are essential before buying any. Does it matter if moss grows in your lawn? In areas where wet, slippery moss on tarmac or concrete could pose a hazard, try using detergent powders, less noxious than other moss killers. Weed killers often do not have long-lasting effects and need repeat sprayings. In the time spent spraying, the area could have been weeded. The old-fashioned hoe is a very useful tool! Slug pellets are toxic to many bird species, so try using organic pellets, slug traps filled with coffee or beer, or spreading bran or crushed baked egg shell around delicate plants. Spray diluted washing up liquid if you need to kill aphids or, better still, use ladybirds. Treat your garden kindly. Sow three times the number of seeds you need, one each for the larder, the weather and birds/other animals.’