New Certificates from Eco-Congregation Ireland!

Photo of both certsUp to now churches and congregations have begun their journey to an Eco-Congregation Ireland Award by working their way through the Eco-Congregation Ireland Environmental Check Up for your Church and undertaking a number of items from it over a two year period.  This then leads to the final and overall Eco-Congregation Ireland Award.

In 2018 the ECI Committee has decided to issue two certificates in the earlier stages of this journey towards the final Eco-Congregation Ireland Award marking stages on the way - the Awareness Certificate and the Endeavour Certificate.  Eco-Congregation Ireland will send your church an Awareness Certificate when you let us know that you have begun your environmental journey and when you get a bit further along the road, we will present you with an Endeavour Certificate. After two years you can then apply for the overall Eco-Congregation Ireland Award.  For more information please get in touch with ECI at