New Year Reflection and Challenge from Killiskey Parish, United Dioceses of Dublin and Glendalough

Killiskey ParishStephanie McDonald and Anne Newton, parishioners in Nun’s Cross Church, Killiskey Parish shared their Ecotips which were published in their monthly church announcements sheet.

‘As another year rolls in, it is a good time to reflect on our environmental impact over the past twelve months. Have we cut back on our waste at all? Did we reduce our car journeys, number of flights abroad, amount of home or office heating (there is no need to be cold, but many houses and work places are so unnecessarily hot), unwanted products we succumbed to buy, or purchase food we did not eat? Ireland’s record at reducing CO2 emissions is one of the worst in Europe, quite simply we are not reaching any of our stated goals. Government policy is crucial, but each individual must play their part too. So, try car-pooling, taking short week-end breaks in Ireland not abroad, adjust radiator thermostats, discern between want and need when shopping. Challenge yourself to reduce waste!’ Visit the Killiskey Parish website.