Salesian Cosmology Team host a day in Limerick on The New Cosmology: Birthing a New Theology with Diarmuid O’Murchu

Selesian 4The Salesian Cosmology Team hosted a day in MI College Limerick - The New Cosmology: Birthing a New Theology with Diarmuid O’Murchu MSC as presenter.

The team were delighted to report a large attendance and striking energy around all the topics touched on by Diarmuid.  He put tremendous energy into the entire day and the participants engaged completely with the topics.  He dealt with the significance of the New Story and guided the group to consider many aspects of what has been ‘handed down’ to us through the various channels of information over the past thirty years.

The challenge is always to integrate the knowledge in the way we live our daily lives. Unfortunately we don’t have this kind of knowledge disseminated in our educational system, but there is potential here for those who are courageous to face our origins as earthlings and embrace our primary aliveness as earthlings.  Knowing that everything in the community of life is connected, nothing is separate and we are continually faced with Creation’s Paradox – birth-death-re-birth!  We are witnesses to creativity and turbulence and what is needed is a will to embrace and befriend it and transcend all that is difficult and remember always there are no flaws in God’s Creation. We were reminded of the history of systems in our cultural setting; The legacy of Greek thought transmitted down through the centuries and still hold us in oppressive systems of hierarchy and patriarchy.  There were many topics touched upon which evoked lots of lively discussion.