National Holy Wells Day – Sunday 18 June 2017

On Sunday 18 June people all over Ireland are encouraged to visit a Holy Well to pray for the protection and fair distribution of water on our little planet. Then they are asked to see what they can do to protect water for future generations.

As a people we have a long and rich tradition of praying at Holy Wells, of which there are some 3,000 around the countryside. This present appeal crosses all boundaries, regions and religions: its aim is to create a national network of appreciation and care for water.

Clean water is a great gift. By drinking polluted water millions of people are becoming sick; without water living things are withering and dying; droughts are creating barren deserts. The time to save Planet Earth is now.

National Holy Wells Day is an initiative of Loving Sister Earth, and will be an annual event. Visit the website,  If you can’t make it to a well, turn on the tap for a moment, give thanks for the water and reflect on what you can do to protect it.

For those who wish the following prayer is suggested:


O God of All Creation,

Teach us how to protect Water

On which all living things depend,

 plants, animals, fish, birds, humans.

Help us to ensure that Water may always flow freely and purely

for all of your Creation.

May Your Spirit soften our hearts and enlighten us

So that we may act responsibly to protect Water,

The vital source of life

in Our Common Home.

holy wells