Update from South Belfast Quaker Meeting

SBQMSouth Belfast Quakers were awarded their Eco-Congregation Ireland award in 2014 but haven't been taking it easy since then!
Last year all Quaker meetings in Ireland were asked to complete a Sustainability Report. South Belfast approached this by organising a 'Conversation' and 'Bring & Share Lunch' after their Sunday morning meeting on 13th November last year. Over 30 people attended. In the Conversation, what they do now and what they hope to do in the future were discussed.
Eco practices that currently take place include using environmentally-friendly cleaning products, changing lights over to LEDs when they stop working, and maintaining a small allotment/vegetable patch in the grounds of the meeting house.  Ideas for the future will hopefully include keeping bees, planting bee-friendly flowers in the grounds, and installing photovoltaic solar panels on the roof of the meeting house when the roof is renewed in the near future.