Report on the work of SAGE in Shankill

SAGE, Shankill Action for a Green Earth, is an ecumenical initiative of the Roman Catholic and Church of Ireland parishes in Shankill.  Their objective is to promote awareness of climate change in the wider community and to promote action to conserve energy. They lobby politicians on a regular basis.

Their 2016-2017 report is as follows:

Stop Climate Chaos meeting Political reps 

SAGE has affiliated itself to Stop Climate Chaos. On 15th Nov we joined with members of Stop Climate Chaos in Buswell’s Hotel to lobby politicians to take steps to reduce Ireland’s carbon emissions

Dec. 7th Public Meeting hosting Professor John Sweeney  who reported back following the COP meeting in Marrakech. There was a turnout of about 40 people some of whom have become active  members of SAGE.

Energy Conservation in the Community St Anne’s RC church implemented energy saving initiatives in the church building, replacing the boiler to a more efficient one and installing LED lights wherever possible. Further upgrades are planned. This work was co-funded by the SRAI community scheme. We continue to work with residents’ associations to promote the upgrading of private houses. Progress on this is slow but we will persist.

SAGE 12017

17th Jan 2017 Dun Laoghaire Meeting  with Transition year students when “Meat Smart” (a subgroup) made a presentation showing the effects of our lifestyles on climate change especially re. eating meat from ruminants. His was part of a 5 day workshop for Transition Year students  organised by Dean Eaton of DLR Co Co, covering an impressive range of issues.

24th Feb 2017 Trip to Dunleer  A group went  to Dunleer to meet up with representatives of Dunleer Better Energy Community which has been supported by the SEAI. Their situation is not entirely comparable with that of Shankill but there was much to learn from them in the way of going about implementing energy efficient changes in the community, linking with neighbourhood groups and businesses.   We are also planning links with schools in Africa through our two primary schools.

Tree planting March 7th 2017 SAGE joined the civic tree-planting of 80 heritage Irish apple trees on a site near the cliffs, frequented by walkers and dog-lovers. This was organised by CRANN, which has the able services of Diarmuid McAree, who is also a member of SAGE and a most experienced forester, and political networker on behalf of all things sylvan!

SAGE 26th April, Ecumenical Lenten reflection We are hosting a Lent meeting among our different churches to raise awareness of our carbon footprints, advocating lifestyle changes through an examination of how we see and use the resources of our planet, also using the 'Thumbprint' campaign to invite personal commitment to alter our lifestyles. The keynote speaker is Gillian Kingston, Methodist chaplain at UCD.

Earth Hour 8.30 – 9.30 on Sat 25th March There will be special prayers for Earth Hour at the Vigil Mass on Sat 25th March and Sunday 26th, with the prayer displayed with the globe on a pedestal at the back of the church.   It is hoped we will be able to give out daffodils to the Saturday morning Mass congregation to advertise the Earth Hour that evening!