Salesian Cosmology Group holds Be the Change programme

Selesian group 1The Salesian Cosmology Group held a spring event recently which was held in Don Bosco Centre, Limerick.   This was a transformative educational workshop that explored the role of people can play in creating a healthier future for us all.

It was structured on the programme ‘Be the Change’ which is sourced in the alliance between the indigenous Achuar tribe of the Amazon and North Americans formed in the mid eighties, which is called the Pachamama Alliance. The purpose of the workshop was centre to the presentations; ‘Bringing forth an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, socially just human presence on this planet.’

Be the Change programme presents the reality in terms of degradation of earth’s resources and ecosystems, questions our human impact on planet earth, but it closes with hope that whatever measure each individual or group may take to stem the ‘unbridled consumerism’ has genuine positive implications for all areas of our planet.

The Salesian Cosmology Group have provided a short report and photos of their event which you can read here.