2016 Update on the work of SAGE in St Anne’s Parish , Shankill

SAGE is the local ecumenical group in St Anne’s RC Parish , Shankill which is concerned with climate justice issues.  Their 2016 report is as follows:

Féile Bride 6th February
Two members attended the daylong meeting in Kildare run by AFRI. This focussed on Climate Justice and what individuals as well as government might do to promote it.

Eco-Congregation Ireland Candle
St Anne’s RC parish, Shankill hosted the Eco-Congregation Ireland Climate Justice Candle the week starting 24th April 2016. We received it from The Holy Trinity Church of Ireland in Killiney and passed it on to Rathmichael Church of Ireland after making a special wooden stand for it!  Prayers were said at the weekend Masses and members spoke about the Eco-Congregation movement. There is now a noticeboard dedicated to matters concerning Climate Change in the church porch. We have a weekly prayer for the environment during Mass and regularly include short exerpts from Laudato Si' in the parish bulletin.

Stop Climate Chaos Meeting Political Representatives
SAGE has affiliated itself to Stop Climate Chaos. On 15th November we joined with members of Stop Climate Chaos in Buswell’s Hotel to lobby politicians to take steps to reduce Ireland’s carbon emissions.

Public Meeting hosting Professor John Sweeney on 7 December who reported back following the COP meeting in Marrakech. There was a turnout of about 40 people some of whom have become active  members of SAGE.

Energy Conservation in the Community
St Anne’s Catholic Church implemented energy saving initiatives in the church building, replacing the boiler to a more efficient one and installing LED lights wherever possible. Further upgrades are planned. This work was co-funded by the SRAI community scheme.  We continue to work with residents’ associations to promote the upgrading of private houses. Progress on this is slow but we will persist.

Plans ahead
Dun Laoghaire Meeting, 17th Jan with Transition year students when “Meat Smart” made a presentation showing the effects of our lifestyles on climate change especially re eating meat from ruminants.

We are planning a Lent meeting among our different churches to raise awareness of our carbon footprints, advocating lifestyle changes through an examination of how we see and use the resources of our planet, also using the “Thumbprint” campaign to invite personal commitment to alter our lifestyles.