Green Sod Land Trust

The land of Ireland is a green gift to all of us. The Green Sod Land Trust - An Fóidín Glas - is working to save this land for present and future generations.
The Trust was established in the belief that Ireland's beautiful and diverse land has become a mere ‘commodity’, something to be bought and sold for human benefit only. This attitude has allowed people to plunder natural habitats that, sadly, we may never be able to recreate.

In holding land in trust we acknowledge and respect it for its own sake, thus protecting its indigenous life from destruction. We acknowledge the earth as a bountiful community of life of which we are just one part.

The Trust works with local communities and encourages them to live in harmony with nature.

It also works to advance education by promoting and encouraging public awareness of the importance of conserving land and protecting the environment for the benefit of present and future generations.

The Trust encourages, promotes and fosters the initiation of proposals for the conservation, protection and improvement of lands and the environment.

The Green Sod Land Trust - An Fóidín Glas - works:

1. To conserve land both for it's own sake and the sake of future generations.
2. To protect the existing natural process, and it indigenous inhabitants out of respect for the diversity of life.
3. To renew land where it has been damaged, by encouraging natural processes enabling less restricted interactions amongst species.
4. To work with local communities and to encourage them to live in harmony with nature. To promote biodiversity. To encourage biodynamic agriculture.
5. To promote an awareness and understanding of the natural world.
6. To stimulate public support and debate to protect land from improper use, so that land may no longer be seen merely as a commodity but as a source of life.
7. To encourage voluntary participation in the conservation and renewal of land.

To help preserve Ireland's land, you can purchase a sod for €25!

The Green Sod Land Trust urgently requires volunteers with a wide range of skills. Its groups in Dublin, Mayo, and headquarters in Galway, along with a future group in Wexford, will welcome your energy and enthusiasm.


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