Live Simply

“Live simply so that others may simply live” is the vision of the growing Live Simply network, which was set up in Ireland in 2009.
People who sign up to the Live Simply campaign promise to change their personal behaviour and they join a group to work on a ‘community challenge’.

Live Simply has developed in response to the urgent environmental crisis facing the world and the responsibility of the church to be at the forefront in addressing this crisis.

It was inspired by a prophetic document written by Pope Paul VI. Populorum Progressio (1967) explains church teaching on the growing poverty and injustice of the developing world. Its message is still relevant today.

Many organisations and agencies within the Roman Catholic church in Ireland have already signed up to Live Simply, creating a new network for change.

Live Simply asks us to take a fresh look at the ways in which we live and reflect upon how we can live more simply, sustainably and in solidarity with the poor, and be happier ourselves as a result.

The intention of Live Simply is far reaching – to transform our communities in such a way that human dignity is respected and everyone can reach their full potential. It questions whether our priority is wealth or respect and invites us to make an option for the poor because the injustice of poverty impoverishes us all as human beings.”

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